I take great pride in telling people what I do for a living - I am a singer-songwriter. I believe in communicating as clearly as I can with people, and my songs reflect this need to express myself. Sometimes I'm telling my own stories, sometimes I'm telling others' stories, but I am always striving for honesty, beauty, and love in my music.

All of the songs on my three CDs, "Actual Size," "Wake Up!," and "Hey, Hey, Hey!," are originals. Most were written by me alone, but some were co-written; authorship is noted on every song. Because lyrics are so important to me, I want you to have access to mine.

So here you can read the lyrics and listen to the song clips. Don't forget to tell your friends!

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Hey Hey Hey! (2002)
:: Spin Like a Top
:: Rain on the Roof
:: Angels in America
:: Everything But You : Lyrics
:: Virginia
:: Funeral
:: Happy
:: Counting
:: Up on a Hill
:: Big Small Town
:: Okay
:: Little Bit o' Naughty
:: Bug and Rain

Wake Up (1999)
:: Wake Up! : Lyrics
:: Run to Me : Lyrics
:: Dead End Called Main Street : Lyrics
:: Looks Good : Lyrics
:: To Be With You : Lyrics
:: Two Days in Paris : Lyrics
:: I Got Me Some Friends : Lyrics
:: Love Song : Lyrics
:: She's No Sarah Vaughn : Lyrics
:: When Will You Learn? : Lyrics
:: Alone : Lyrics

Actual Size (1995)
:: One More Angel : Lyrics
:: Toscanini's (What Gives)
:: Spring in January : Lyrics
:: Polly Ticks
:: Across the Sound
:: Nothing Left to Lose
:: Repertoire