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Everything But You
By Susan Greenbaum

I have a million blessings
A million dresses in my closet
A million dollars to deposit
I have dry clean and pressing
Refrigerator full of good food
A CD player to change my mood
Oh, I have it all now
The shoes to match the outfit, the cell phone in my ear
Oh, I can¹t make the call somehow
Because all I do is think of you and wish that you were here

I have everything that my TV tells me I cannot live without
I have everything that the American dreamers dream about
I don¹t need more stuff, I have more than enough
But what can I do
I have everything but you

I have a car and driver
The finest furniture I sit on
The finest gardener landscapes my lawn
I have a private river
A jewel box that¹s overflowing
A bank account that keeps on growing
Oh, I have it all now
More than I wanted, more than I¹ll ever need
But oh, I have the gall somehow
To say everything I have cannot fulfill my greatest greed


Oh, for you I¹d crawl now
Forfeit all my fortune, tumble to the clay
But oh, would you break my fall somehow,
Cuz I can¹t buy the words to tell you all the love I have to say