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One More Angel
By Susan Greenbaum

It's all right, Mom, I¹m okay
I packed most of his things today
I could probably use a place to stay
Well, anyway
This empty flat looks so grim
The light from the window is so dim
The doctor said his chances weren¹t even slim
And we lost him Now we¹ve got

One more angel
At point blank range, well, there's
One more angel

To hell with all those holy mystics
And all of their blessed statistics
The bible doesn¹t talk ballistics
And no prayer¹s gonna fix this

No matter how long I mull it over in my mind
Push it and pull it
I don¹t think the years are gonna dull it
This pain from a bullet
That gives us

One more angel
Right where he fell, there's
One more angel

Listen, Mom, hey, can you hold?
Suddenly the room got cold
And even as those wings unfold
I can¹t embrace them I can¹t embrace them, though
I'm told there's

One more angel
One more angel
Out of danger, he's
One more angel

© 1/95 by Susan Greenbaum