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Two Days in Paris
By Susan Greenbaum

Two days in Paris
Two days in the city of lights
No walls between us
No depths or dizzying heights
Two days, two days
Two days of laughter
Two days knowing what to say
No morning after
No dark fear of going away

I could walk these streets forever, two days
If we walk these streets together, two days

You held your hand out
I never could¹ve realized
How strong that grip felt
How blue those Baryshnikov eyes
You with your accent
Me with my American gleam
No undercurrent
Everything just as it seemed

To be, mon ami
Champs Elysees, du cafe
Taste the wine, I feel fine
I am happy, I am safe here
I feel glory and escape here
No more rocking, no more reeling
For these hours, this is ours
This is Paris, this is romance
This is freedom, this is feeling, this is life

Well after midnight
Winding our way up the spiral
Counting each streetlight
I will remember it all
Two days in Paris
Two days that never will end
Oceans will share us
You are forever my friend

I could live like this forever, two days
I could hold this kiss forever, two days