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Run to Me
By Susan Greenbaum

I know it looks bad, showing up at this ungodly hour
You think you've been had by the people with all the power
But I'm by myself here; I know my mind, my own ideas
I'll make it real clear - I see what no one else here sees

(Chorus) - No matter what they told you (run to me)
No matter what they said my reasons were
I'm just here to hold you (run to me)
I'm not looking for your surrender
But if you gotta run, honey can't you see - you can run to me

This isn't any put-on, but you've been shaking since I walked through that door
I'll leave before dawn if you just can't take anymore
But I can tell you - the woman you will come to know
Would never sell you, so please don't make me go alone

(Chorus) ... I'm not looking to be your conqueror

I don't know where you stand, but you name the day, you name the hour
We'll make our own plan; we're the people with all the power
Believe your own eyes, cuz what you see is what you get
They'll tell you more lies, but they haven't gotten to us yet