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Dead End Called Main Street
By Susan Greenbaum

I work at security from 6 a.m. `til 2
It ain't what I'm good at, it's just what I do
I'm up again at 7 with the morning school bell
But it don't really bother me, cuz I don't sleep too well

(Chorus) - Walking on a dead end called Main Street, my feet don't make a sound
On this cracked and broken concrete there's no future to be found
Gonna walk out on my own two feet and leave this dying little town
Cuz when you're walking on a dead end called Main Street you gotta turn around

Bobbie pours me coffee, says her oldest has caught on fire
Got picked up by the cops again on Maple Street and Briar
Her babies are in grade school, and her husband's God knows where
And she don't find no solace in knowing life ain't fair


I would build a road and bridge and storefronts if I could
But trying to save this town takes more than asphalt and wood
The money goes, the people go, the jobs and families, too
And nothing can rebuild the home and hopes that I once knew

The sporting goods sign in neon once made Lee so proud
But "going out of business" is what they hand-written sign says now
I think I'll take me one last walk and stop into his store
And buy some brand-new sneakers before they close there door
Cuz everything's half-price today, but Lee and I have learned
When he locks up for one last time
There's no place to return