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She's No Sarah Vaughn
By Susan Greenbaum

She was singing pop tunes on the stage
She was playing guitar chords of songs of peace and love and outrage
And she sang so high in her long, blue dress
Couldn't have been more than 15, I guess
Just singing for free, below that union wage

He was sitting down and to the left
He was rolling in some small-time dough from fraud and petty theft
And as he tried to turn himself around
And fill his fat face full of sound
He croaked a cuss word, choked a drink and then shook his head and laughed

And he said, "She's no Sarah Vaughn
She's no Sarah Vaughn
I may be a two-bit con, but
She¹s no Sarah Vaughn"

It was a simple, innocent affair
With punch and cake and chicken bake and ladies' high-combed hair
And everybody was having a real good time
Paid no attention to the young girl's rhyme
Just tipping a few, but no more than their share

He was standing over by the sink
Emboldened by his coat and tie, well, he damn near dropped his drink
When he heard fat-boy slam the girl on-stage
His happy clapping turned to rage
And he lunged across and tossed his scotch on fat boy's wife's new mink

When he heard, "She's no Sarah Vaughn...
I think I'd rather mow my lawn, and..."

He was grabbing fat-boy by the throat
He was punching left and hooking right and he nearly ruined his coat
And everybody else quick picked a side
And joined the fray--but no one died
And blue-dress, she never missed a note

And I'm saying no one's right or wrong
And I'm hoping that my story's moral won't drag on too long
Because you'd best be careful what you spout
Cuz some guys bound to take you out
When you dis his daughter, standing on stage, just trying to sing her song

Even if she's no Sarah Vaughn...
Don't tell me my daddy's wrong, and...
...One more line and I'll be gone and
She's no Sarah Vaughn