:: Contact Me
I am always so happy to meet and learn from the people who listen to my music. It is why I do what I do.
Feel free to write to me. While sheer volume prevents me from responding to every e-mail I receive, I do read every one!

Write to me at susan@susangreenbaum.com

:: Mailing List
You won't believe how easy it is to stay on top of my gig schedule, music releases, and radio and TV appearances. It won't hurt a bit! And I will not sell my list to anyone or give any e-mail addresses out without the owner's permission. This is just a very convenient way for me to be in touch with you and keep up with what's going on musically with me and the band.

Just send an e-mail to susan@susangreenbaum.com and ask to be added. You will receive updates that I write myself every week or so.