:: Song Lyrics

By Susan Greenbaum

No one holds it open
I feel the front door slam
Dragging in, I'm hoping
Someone here will give a damn
Talking to these strangers
Baring someone's soul
Daring all the dangers
And pretending to be good and whole

I am standing all alone
Smaller than I look, bigger than I feel
I am still the great unknown
Trying to make this fantasy real
And I'm gonna make it real

Some nights it's empty
Other nights it's full
Anything from passionate
To desperately dull
They were all so handsome
Back when they were young
Offering me a ransom
To sing the song that I've just sung

They don't mind the lyric
Or if I'm out of time
They just hear their lives slip by
In melody and rhyme


Every night he sits there
Until the stroke of twelve
Happy to sit anywhere
But somewhere by himself
Smoking way too many
Drinking way too late
Buying pints for anyone
Who bites at his pathetic bait

I'm watching him get ready
From two feet off the floor
Anything but steady as he
Stumbles out the slamming front door