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Spring in January
By Susan Greenbaum

Spring in January, it's okay
It looks like winter, but it feels like May
Spring in January, so nice to be
Skipping over mud instead of slipping on ice
Spring in January, not like last year
When I was shoveling snow and sniveling tears
But when it's spring in January, life's not so hard
Maybe, just maybe, I'll let down my guard

Four days ago, it was ten below
Four days ago, I was telling you no
But now you show up here half-naked, saying pretty-please
And what else am I supposed to do, I mean, it's seventy degrees
Yeah, it's spring in January

Spring in January, could not be better
But my mama calls this pneumonia weather
Spring in January, better wear a shell
If you keep some things covered up, it's just as well
Because spring in January feels so fine
Just like all of your sweet talk and your brand new lines
But can I trust your apology, or is it
Just like this quirky meteorology?

Four days ago, it was frigid and bleak
Four days ago, it was the middle of the week
But now Saturday has arrived, and honey, so have you
And I think, oh yes, I think I feel a warm front coming through
Yeah, it's spring in January

Spring in January, can't go wrong if you
Don't expect it to last too long
Cuz you may say you love me, even get on your knees
But I can hear the weatherman calling for a freeze
But for right now, it's spring in January
Ain't against the law
So let it thaw, let it thaw, let it thaw, oh darlin', let it thaw