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I Got Me Some Friends
By Susan Greenbaum

I got me some friends
Bigger than you, smarter than you
I got me some friends
Meaner than you, stronger than you
And we don't like the things you do
I got me, I got me some friends

20-20 Tiny, he grew so much bigger
Bigger than even his momma woulda figured
20-20 Tiny got big brown eyes
With a 20-20 view of your big black lies
20-20 Tiny'll shrink your size (I got me some friends)
You'll be his side of fries

Einstein Annie, she like to come around
Makin' her mind up on your side of town
Annie gonna tell you the things you wanna hear
She'll be messin' with your head until nothin' is clear
And as soon as you swoon, she gonna strip your gears (I got me some friends)
Ringin' in your ears

Lean mean Louie know his right from his wrong
Meaner in a minute than the day is long
Lean mean Louie know just what to do
Got a chip on his shoulder look just like you
Louie gonna turn your life black and blue (I got me some friends)
You'll be his pool cue