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To Be With You
By Susan Greenbaum

I can say I wanted to
I can say they made it way too hard
For me to be with you
But I was afraid to put up my guard
I can say I didn't know
I can say I didn't understand
But I didn¹t want to know
That the hourglass was running out of sand

Parents and children are right to be scared
Sisters and brothers, too
But I just never imagined that we would lose you


Where did you go, why did you leave me
When are you coming back?
Now that I know, you gotta believe me
I would come right back to be with you
To be with you
You can say that we will see
You can say that you don't want me to sing
But I would give it all to be
Where I could hear you say anything

They can say they told us so
They can say each day was a perfect gem
They can say that the odds were so low
But I was sure that you were gonna beat them

I had a nightmare in this very bed
So many years ago
Now I'm awake and the nightmare is true
What do I do?

...To see you through

The real ones gathered round
The strong ones lifted you up
The right ones carried you home
Who knows?
I only know my heart
I only know I failed
I only know that I was not where I was supposed to be
And you would've been there for me